Italian Excellence

Craftspeople by vocation, goldsmiths by passion

CHIMENTO is a historical brand of Italian jewellery, a leading figure of a story that has led Italian prestige crafts to be appreciated the world over for their unique style and outstanding manufacturing skills.



CHIMENTO rings stand out for their gentle and sinuous lines, and by the way they perfectly adapt to the body shape, adding a natural touch to every outfit and defining modern femininity with their innovative designs.

CHIMENTO Necklaces

The necklaces of the CHIMENTO collections are unique pieces of great value and refinement. Our traditional round collar and gold necklaces, embellished by discrete diamonds and colourful gems, are now accompanied by the new tassel, lariat and T-bar models, giving you the chance to layer them. For a woman who loves to be different every day, a statement of her bold personality.


CHIMENTo Earrings

The earrings of the CHIMENTO collections are precious pieces of jewellery that enhance female beauty, making it radiate with the glare of gold, diamonds and colourful gemstones.

CHIMENTO Bracelets

Bracelets play a key role in the jewellery of CHIMENTO. From the legendary Double bracelet and the Bamboo Over, to the enormous success of the Stretch collection bracelets: simple and versatile, they match any style with the practicality of their essential lines.

Please visit us at our Bournemouth showroom to view our chimento collection